The preliminary design of the work is aimed at giving shape to your ideas.

Our services provide at this stage:

  • Geological surveys
  • Topographic surveys (celerimetric surveys)
  • Architectural and structural surveys
  • Thermotechnical and mechanical plant surveys
  • Electrical and related plant surveys
  • Energy and lighting plant surveys
  • Plant fire prevention surveys
  • Acoustic reliefs
  • Drawing up of illustrative reports
  • Drafting of topographic, architectural and structural plans accompanied by land registry extracts, elevations and sections
  • Drawing up of plant plans
  • Drafting of plant schemes
  • Drafting of technical reports
  • Book editing with photorendering
  • External and internal three-dimensional reconstructions
  • Indications and preliminary provisions for the drafting of security plans
  • Preliminary economic evaluations of expenditure


The definitive and executive design refers to the deepening and the detail, aimed at obtaining the authorizations from the competent Authorities and producing the necessary documentation for the execution of your works.

In the advanced design phase we foresee:

  • Management of administrative aspects aimed at obtaining fire prevention, building permits (CILA, SCIA, building permit, etc.), advertising, commercial, road, health, environmental, user activations and services (electrical, telematic, water, sewage , gas, etc.)
  • Environmental impact analysis
  • Drawing up general and illustrative reports
  • Drafting of specialized technical reports
  • Drafting of elaborate two-dimensional and three-dimensional executive charts containing traces, frameworks, layouts, plans, elevations, sections accompanied by construction details and detail
  • Drafting of specialized single-use and functional schemes for all the disciplines that contribute to the implementation of the interventions
  • Preparation of metric estimates of expenditure, price list and possible analyzes of the general economic framework
  • Drawing up of the security coordination plan
  • Elaboration of the time schedule of activities and implementation phases
  • Production of special performance specifications and of the documentation necessary for the work

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